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Game 7 of the NBA Finals. This felt like The Karate Kid Part 3 or so. I was just watching clips of this as well as the 2010 remake, The Next Karate Kid, and the two previous Karate Kid movies to help ease my nerves about the Miami Heat. I mean, the San Antonio Spurs were really scary knowing they’ve had an era already. They were leading in the finals and now the Miami Heat won the finals 4-3! Thank goodness.

(wax on) Wax off the Spurs!

The Karate Kid


I was watching TV today and I heard the phrase “Karate Kid part Three” and I started freaking out. I thought there was only 2 Karate kids, but now I can watch RALPH kick some ass a third time!!! You don’t know how happy that made me.

It just made me think of the Miami Heat in the NBA Finals this year. I was thinking what if Ralph Macchio was watching Game 7 live in Miami? That would be something, hopefully.